Why Ridgeway?

Ridgeway is different to most money management firms in the UK most obviously by being based in a remote location. To do better than average (to ‘beat the market’), one must invest differently from the herd, so removing ourselves from their influence is a good start.

Unlike the majority of our peers, who are either subsidiaries of large financial institutions or are publicly listed and therefore owned by external shareholders, Ridgeway enjoys complete autonomy in its investment decisions, whilst being supported by one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The result is a personal service, backed by impeccable quality. We exist to serve you. We seek to protect your capital, secure your financial wellbeing, and support you and your family through generations.

Our objective is to maximise your compound return – the rate at which your capital grows over time. This is achieved by minimising losses, reinvesting profits, avoiding complexity and not charging performance fees. In this way, your interests as our client-partner and our interests as your investment manager are aligned.

If what we say resonates and you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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