The foundations of our behaviour

1. Integrity uprightness; honesty; purity
Integrity is the core principle upon which all other principles are based; without integrity, the other principles become worthless.

2. Belief self-confidence; intuition; natural judgement; trust
Belief is the starting point for all achievement. Beliefs have a dramatic impact on our lives. What other people think of us has no impact on our ability to succeed. We achieve incredible things because we believe.

3. Courage the ability to meet danger without succumbing to fear
Courage enables us to face difficulty head on and ensures we act in accordance with our beliefs, even when confronted by criticism.

4. Discipline self-control and an ordered way of life
Discipline is a prerequisite for success. Without discipline, we will not realise our full potential.

5. Perseverance continued application; persistence despite setbacks; determination
Often just before the big achievement comes apparent failure and discouragement. Perseverance - persistent continuous action towards their attainment - is essential to reach audacious goals.

6. Gratitude appreciation of and inclination to return kindness; being thankful
Gratitude is a sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation. By not taking anything for granted, we value highly what we have and generally are happy.

7. Philanthropy love of mankind; contributing to general welfare
Our principle of philanthropy is our commitment to be a positive force for good in society, to protect our environment, and to serve others as we would wish to be served.

8. Humility modesty; insignificance; respect
Humility ensures we remain aware of our place in the order of things and seek always to express ourselves through the good service we provide others.

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